Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

our Mission

To glorify God at all times (John 15:8, Acts 2:47) as we equip through Scripture (Eph 4:11-12, Acts 2:42, II Tim 3:16) for building each other and others up (Eph 4:12) by practicing truth in love (Eph 4:15, I Thess 5:14) and doing good to all people (I Thess 5:15, Gal 6:10, James 1:27, Acts 2:45),  with constant prayer, joy, and thanksgiving (I Thess 5:16-18), so that we may participate fully in making disciples in all nations (Matt 28:19-20.)

our Vision

To be a church bonded by the love of Christ, controlled by the peace of Christ, and inhabited fully by the word of Christ (Col 3:14-16), all growing into maturity in Christ (Col 1:28, Eph 4:13-15) and seeing others come into a saving knowledge of Christ (John 17:3), and in whom Christ's name is glorified (II Thess 1:12.)

Some things to know about Grace Bible Church

While we feel that the unique characteristics of our church are far less important than our commitment to carrying out the Mission and Vision that we see laid out for us in the Bible, we also understand that if you are looking for a church to visit or for a new church home, that there are a lot of things that you would like to know about that church beforehand. Hopefully the information below will help you know a little bit more about Grace before you come.

Teaching and Studying the Word

We generally follow a model of expository preaching, going through a book of the Bible at a time, and seeking in each passage to understand the scriptures in the context of the whole Bible. We also try to provide as many opportunities and resources as possible for each member and visitor to study the Bible both individually and in fellowship with others.


Our services begin in person around 10:45 on Sunday mornings with prayer and announcements, before we go live at 11 AM. Our services generally include a short opening message (usually from the Old Testament), a time of worship through music, and a sermon. Services usually end around 12:30.


We are a relatively small congregation of just under fifty people who come from a variety of backgrounds. While being a small congregation does limit number of unique internal ministry and discipleship opportunities that we can offer, we are committed to giving everyone a chance to get connected, to get involved, and to develop deep relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ.


Grace Bible Church has not had any paid staff since 2012 and has not owned a building since 2013. We have been in a unique position to do so and do not promote this as a model for all churches, but at this time we are currently able to operate with almost no financial expenses and to dedicate virtually all of our resources toward supporting missions and local and global ministries.

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