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Grace Bible Church is committed to being a church that honors and obeys God consistently, sharing Christ with those who don't know Him, and training all to obey everything that He has commanded.

When and where we Meet

Sunday Mornings

10:45 AM

The Summit

1227 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN

What To Expect

We are trying to provide an opportunity for all to join us in fellowship and worship and learn from God's word. For those who are able to join in person, we usually begin around 10:45 AM with prayer requests and announcements. At 11:00 AM, we then begin the live stream with prayer and reading of Scripture. We have a short opening message, generally from the Old Testament, and then a longer sermon. We also usually sing a few songs during the service, mixing traditional hymns and contemporary music whenever possible.

Grace regularly meets at The Summit, which is located at 1227 Volunteer Parkway in Bristol, Tennessee, between Eastman Credit Union and Bank of Tennessee.  When you come into the meeting room, you may notice a library, a small "cafe," and plenty of comfortable seating. If you arrive early, we would welcome you to take advantage of time for quiet reading and study if you would like to do so.

We are a small congregation of around fifty members, and as many members are only able to join remotely at this time, most services will have less than half that number attend in person. We do not have a specific dress code at our church, and our hope that everyone who comes ready to worship and hear God's word will feel welcome. While our church is in many ways less formal than other churches, we think that you will find that we are very serious about growing in our understanding and obedience of Scripture. Regardless of your background, we hope that everyone who is interesting in learning from the Bible and experiencing fellowship with a body of believers will find that Grace is a place that they can do so.

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